Boost your
game revenue

Maximize your ad revenue with the mediation platform built for gaming


Maximize player LTV

with ease

Built for Gaming
Uplevel your game revenue with mediation and controls customized specifically for the gaming context.
Absolute Neutrality
Your revenue goals are the only priority. No studio or network affiliations allow completely unbiased auctions.
Diverse Demand
Unlock higher eCPMs with access to global demand. Choose from 30+ integrations with leading networks.
Hands-on Support
Get the technical and strategic support you need. Attentive support whether you’re large or small.

The best of both worlds

With 30+ Waterfall and Header Bidding Integrations, HyperBid is your single point of access to the best bids out there.


The highest bid
always wins

With both in-app bidding and traditional waterfalls, land the highest bid, always. HyperBid’s network-agnostic approach exclusively prioritizes your interests.

A/B Testing

Effortlessly optimise
on the go

Maximize your revenue with HyperBid by testing every aspect of your ad monetization strategy from bidding to user segments.

Segment & cohorts

Personalise ad flow
for players

Set up custom player segments and tailor your ads to their preferences. Balancing your ads and your user experience has never been easier.

Customer Success

We're a 100% on
your team

Our customer success team is at your beck and call to help you through technical integration and strategic mediation planning, whether you’re big or small.

Learn more about what’s in store
for you with HyperBid

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