Our Mission

We are fueling the growth of games

HyperBid is empowering game studios and publishers to realize their monetization
potential with mediation that is absolutely neutral, tailored for gaming, connected with
global networks, and has a firm footing in analytics.

We have a strong
foothold in gaming

Backed by GameAnalytics’ decade-long expertise in gaming, HyperBid is built to unlock ad revenue for game developers and publishers worldwide.

Together, HyperBid and GameAnalytics present neutral and foundational building blocks for game businesses of all sizes.

Our 4 values & beliefs

Built on strong values & beliefs

Although we got all the elements covered already, we are always on the lookout
for that very special Leeloo.
Ambitious & focused
Big aspirations, and we're always looking for ways to improve our tool along with the lives of game developers.
Open & transparent
We believe analytics for games should be available to everyone, and we do our best to offer the most integrated tool around.
Research & quality
We're perfectionists at heart, doing our best work every day so that we stays powerful, scalable, and free from bugs.
Simple & intuitive
GameAnalytics always working on to make a straightforward setup & intuitive to use, whilst ensuring it's flexible & powerful.
London office

A newly refurbished, and open plan workspace

Our London office is placed just in the heart of the city, featuring panoramic views of the city, a fully loaded snack bar and a game console lounge.

If you are not stopping by for a meeting or an interview, feel free to just casually drop in to challenge us for a game or two.

Staff sat in the lounge area of the London office

8th Floor, 9 Appold St, London EC2A 2AP, United Kingdom

Copenhagen office

A classy space located in the center of Copenhagen

Our Copenhagen office is placed just in center of everything, right next to all the major attractions of the city. You’ll always be close to a juicy burger or a hot cup of coffee if that is your thing.

Ofcourse Copenhagen also has their very own packed game console lounge.

Staff sat at their workspaces in the Denmark office

Vesterbrogade 34, 4, 1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Join the crew

Excited about the future of game
monetization? Let’s talk

We’re always on the lookout for talent. We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to
get in touch or send over your resume. We’ll get back to you in a couple of days.

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